Again, I say, ugh.

Yes, yes, yes, Cristiano Ronaldo is a very skilled player. He’s also irritating as hell to watch for his frequent diving and tantrum throwing (I’ll never forget during last year’s Euro championships watching him literally cross his arms like a bratty kid and put a pouty look on his face when he didn’t get a call he dove for).

42 goals is impressive, but I was much more impressed with Fernando Torres scoring 33 in his first season in the EPL, especially since his were all scored from the run of play, not from free kicks and penalties. Plus, Torres is classy all around, thanking his Liverpool teammates and even the entire city after Spain won the Euro championship for making it possible for him to “enjoy (his) football” so much and play to his potential.

Messi is easily the most skilled and a pure joy to watch (what does he have this year, 20 goals in 22 games with Barcelona so far? Jesus!) But why is Kaka even there? What did he do last year with AC Milan or Brazil? Ribery, almost as much fun to watch as Messi, was much more impressive at Bayern Munich, but somehow he’s only like 18th on the list.