So, I’m reading some of the latest installments of my favorite online soap opera — you know, the one where America the InnocentandVirtuous is in danger of losing her soul to the forces of evil again? Yeah, I know, that’s how every episode goes, but this time it’s about the torture issue. Anyway, as always, there’s lots of anguished wailing and rending of garments, lots of histrionics about the razor’s edge between salvation and damnation, centered on an exchange between Chris Matthews and Harold Ford. Digby treats it with gravity as she always has, but I also find a link to Atrios, who, I remind you, is one of the biggest liberal bloggers there is.

How does the former economist with a Ph.D. summarize this solemn issue of the utmost moral urgency? By bestowing a “Wanker of the Day” award upon Ford. I bet he’s losing sleep over that one. Boy, nothing shows your serious moral bona fides like calling someone a meatbeating, pudwhacking, five-knuckle-shuffling crankyanker! And to think, the dude makes a living at blogging. I almost expect him to start posting videos of himself wearing a bulbous red nose and giant floppy shoes, squirting people with seltzer water.

Seriously, this would be like hearing a famous piece of dramatic music — Ride of the Valkyries, O Fortuna, Tocatta & Fugue in D Minor, perhaps — punctuated at certain points by a slide whistle. Incongruent to say the least.