Funny post on a subject near and dear to my heart, foul fucking language.

I honestly can’t stand those lame attempts to write the curse without actually writing it. “Look here! I know a cuss word, but I’m too genteel to use it. Ha!” Then why the fuck even bring it up? If you can’t or won’t use the word, why even type a small part of it? Search deep into your vast language resources and find something else to replace it altogether. Is that how you say them when you speak? “Oh, sh-exclamation point-teh!” “F-asterisk percent sign-K you!” Really? Somehow I doubt that.

I just saw a comment about Arlen Specter somewhere the other day, where the writer wished death upon him in a few different ways, but then bowdlerized the word fuck with a punctuation mark. Because saying that would have been crass, I guess.