Well, they should be furious!

Really, though, as amusing as it is to watch Republicans occupy themselves with such momentuous issues, I’m actually more looking forward to another round of netroots grumbling over what a terrible, terrible insult it is to drop the “-ic” from “Democratic”. See, I’ve been told, in the utmost seriousness, that calling it the “Democrat party” is a way of emphasizing the sound of the word “rat”…which oh noes is going to make the voting public think we’re a party of dirty sewer-crawling rats!!!!!

Somehow, though, this doesn’t lead anyone to the conclusion that identifying individuals as Democrats will have that effect. So:

“Democrat Nancy Pelosi” – good!

“Democrat party member and House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi” – bad!

That speaks for itself, doesn’t it? I’m too busy snickering and shaking my head to find anything funny to add to that.