The Beast is back with their 50 Most Loathsome. I was glad to see Joe Farah of WorldNutDaily on there, given that an acquaintance kept tormenting me with their fucking “articles” about Obama’s death panels last summer, but I have to quibble with this:

Sentence: 2nd place in a John Stossel lookalike contest.

John Stossel? C’mon. Look at his picture —

— and tell me he hasn’t left a damsel or two trussed up on the railroad tracks before. Evil ‘stache? Check. Demented grin? Check. All he’s missing is the hat.

Anyway. Thanks to the magic of DVRs, I’ve never actually seen a Shamwow commerical, but I have to say that this was probably my favorite sentence on this year’s list:

Sentence: Coke stash raided nightly by the shouting ghost of Billy Mays.