Gordon Haber:

And aside from the hocus-pocus of it, I can’t stand how astrology, like so many other occult practices, always leads inward. To the ego. It’s a way of pretending to discuss something outside of the self while talking about the self. It’s what they specialize in here in Los Angeles—world-views that operate like a U-shaped telescope.

Argh, I’m envious! Why didn’t I think to put it that succinctly before?

I liked the part about Scorpios being “notoriously grumpy upon awakening.” (I’m not.) It reminded me of my former neighbor, a well-meaning woman who told me that February was a bad month for us (she being born in November), and that Scorpios love irony. Unlike everyone else, I guess. But wait, she was right about that! I love the fact that people so fixated on their own egos, their own special, unique, individual personalities, nevertheless reach for such generic truisms to describe themselves.