I had never heard of Julian Young until I saw this book review by Francis Fukuyama a couple weeks ago. Nietzsche fanboy that I am, I was naturally intrigued, and when I learned that he had two other books on Nietzsche’s philosophy of art and religion, I was thrilled; nay, elated.

I had read Christopher Moore’s Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal years ago and really enjoyed it. I lent it to a friend who I never see in person anymore, so I decided to get a used replacement copy. While doing that, I decided to go crazy and buy the rest of his novels, since the used copies were only a few bucks each. I’ve since been enjoying the hell out of them, too, with Fool being my favorite of the bunch so far.
And since we spend a lot of time on topics like Buddhism, atheism, materialism and the contemplative life on this here blog, I would be remiss in not pointing the way to Owen Flanagan’s most recent book, which I also bought and imagine I will enjoy much like I did The Problem of the Soul.