Joe Klein, furiously humping Glenn Greenwald’s leg:

Greenwald — who, so far as I can tell, only regards the United States as a force for evil in the world — has laid out the incredible notion that the liberation of the Kurds, which Jeff celebrates (and so do I, and so do civilized people everywhere) as a happy byproduct of George W. Bush’s dreadful war in Iraq, can be compared to the Nazi seizure of the Sudetenland . . . .This is obscene.

Joe Klein, previously:

“I’m entirely depressed about the state of my craft. Newspapers and magazines are losing readers, young people aren’t reading them. You know, I watch as my colleagues get laid off and fired — it’s kind of like being gay in 1982, half the people I know are dying, they’re being, you know, they’re being cut off.”

Joe really, really seems to be unclear on the concept of analogies.