I haven’t had time to watch any Daily Show episodes in the last month, so I haven’t seen Olivia Munn as a correspondent yet. Reading about the great sexism kerfuffle — brouhaha? fracas? ruckus? to-do? — I have to admit not being the slightest bit interested in trying to figure out the metrics of identity politics involved in determining what percentage of the show’s writers and correspondents need to be female, how frequently new ones need to be hired, how much of a rapport Jon Stewart needs to be perceived to have with them, etc. And assuming that the criticism of Munn is honestly motivated by a sense of her lacking comedic talent, rather than good old-fashioned catty jealousy, I can only ask: where, then, are all the protests over Wyatt Cenac’s presence on the show? How could she possibly be any worse than him? That motherfucker is so flat and expressionless, he makes Steven Wright look like Krusty the Klown.