The Guardian:

You may not want to know this – and it would be sensible to wait until after breakfast before reading any further – but, apparently, lots of German men nowadays routinely sit down to pee… Stand-up men, let it simply be said, are messier than their seated brethren – and almost never bother to clean up. In some German homes, little notices are tacked to the underside of the toilet seat so that seat-raising males are reminded to consider their options.

Heh. I’d like to see someone suggest this to American men. As far back as I can remember, I’ve heard it used as a gay-baiting insult to say that a guy sits down to piss. Further confirmation of the idea that ultimately, the real problem most macho, macho men have with gays is that they’re perceived as acting like women. Gender traitors, if you will. Real men spray like tomcats, goddamnit.