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Tuesday, August 24th, 2010 by Axl Rosenberg
Genetics and puberty, I guess. Life ain’t fair. Oh, wait, you mean lately?

When I saw Megadeth a few weeks ago, the band sounded great — but Dave Mustaine’s vocals sounded about as appealing as the idea of watching a porno flick starring Billy Milano and Snooki.

Bear in mind that we’re talking about a guy who, in his prime, had one of the most grating nails-on-a-chalkboard voices of all time. When Megadeth recorded their version of Black Sabbath’s “Paranoid” for the Nativity in Black tribute album in 1994, good ol’ Ozzy was said to remark upon hearing it, “Whoever’s singing that needs to get a fucking day job.” This is a guy who was once described as “sing(ing) like he’s getting a vacuum-cleaner enema” during a positive album review in a guitar magazine. How could it possibly have gotten any worse?
Anyway, fuck him in half. Even if I could attempt to tolerate his voice for the sake of the music, his terminal case of gargantuan throbbing assholitis makes me not want to bother. He used to be somewhat libertarian/independent in his outspoken politics (Perot supporter in ’92), but after getting born again again (apparently the first time, in the early ’90s, didn’t take), he veered sharply right and kept on trucking. This is from an interview in 2007:
“I know I’m not making any friends at the U.N. with this album,” Mustaine continues with a harsh laugh. But, frankly, he’s not too worried. Like many born-again Christians, Mustaine favors the interpretation of the Book of Revelations that views the founding of the United Nations—and its eventual demise—as part of a series of prophesied events that will inevitably lead to the Second Coming. “I got saved a few years ago, and I believe what the Bible says, that the U.N.’s gonna fall. In order for the predictions in the Book of Revelations to take place, it’s gotta fall. I don’t ever expect to go there, except to look where the building used to be, you know? I’m hoping that someone’s going to pull the chain, and that’s where the butthole of the United States is, and it just disappears!”
…There’s righteous fury galore on “Amerikhastan” and “Washington’s Next,” two songs that take extreme issue with what Mustaine sees as the Bush Administration’s half-assed policies on immigration and the Middle East. Asked his opinion on the ongoing Iraq War, Mustaine pulls no punches.
“We needed to drop a really big bomb on that country about 16 years ago, and then we wouldn’t be having this problem,” he growls. “I think Bush made a tragic mistake invading Iraq. I voted for the guy, so I’m absolutely ashamed of my vote, but it was better voting for him than John Kerry. The fact that we’ve been humiliated to the degree that we have, because of our president’s ineptness… I think in America right now, there’s a lot of hope for the future. But I also think that our country has never been hated as much as we are right at this moment.
Yes, the guy who thinks his Christianity would be compromised by sharing a stage with a band whose name he disapproves of thinks we should have nuked Iraq in 1991. I’m sorry, but what could the Devil do that would be any worse than that? Fucking idiot.

Asked about his own drug use, which sent him to rehab several times over the past two decades—he also briefly died in 1994 from an overdose of Valium—Mustaine rolls up his sleeves, revealing two pale, sinewy arms completely devoid of needle marks. “I never shot up, actually,” he says. “No, I gotta take that back—I did for one day, and it was so disgusting. I thought, Now I know why y’all suck dicks to shoot up!” He laughs. “You stick a needle in your arm, and the next thing you know, there’s a dick in your mouth!”

Charming (though I can’t say I follow the logic in that statement. Whatever.) What makes me sad is to think of all the talented musicians who have died far too young from drug abuse. This cockbiter probably still has enough residual pills, heroin and cocaine in his bloodstream to get you high from a transfusion, but here he is, like an indestructible roach, still plaguing the metal scene with his atrocious voice. I repeat, life ain’t fair.