One of these kids is doing his own thing
C’mon, can you tell me which one?
Can you guess which kid is doing his own thing?
Before my song is done?
And now my song is done.
– Sesame Street
On the Daily Show the other night, Jon Stewart and John Oliver discussed Terry Jones, the would-be Koran-burning pastor, by comparing him to other “lunatic” Christian preachers.
– Fred Phelps, famous for his “God Hates Fags” obsession and for taking his congregation of Midwestern bibletards around the country to picket people’s funerals for attention.
– Pat Robertson, famous for…oh, hell, just go read one of the many “Greatest Hits” compilations floating around out there.
– Jeremiah Wright, famous for being Barack Obama’s former pastor, and for suggesting that the HIV virus might have been deliberately created as a government conspiracy against black people, which isn’t quite as crazy as it sounds given other black experiences with government doctors. He also claimed that white people generally have no sense of rhythm, the crazy bastard. But what really pissed people off about him, and what prompted Obama’s public renunciation of him, is when he suggested that the September 11th attacks were motivated by American foreign policy. Oh, no he dih’unt! Cuckoo! Cuckoo!
Stewart is probably the best pundit we have, and as I said before, I don’t expect him to be a radical firebrand, but sometimes this faux-evenhandedness really grates on my nerves.
…adding, what Glenn said.