Strangely, Bush’s most impressive real achievement in that period was in tamping down the domestic backlash against Muslims.

I’m surprised she, of all people, keeps repeating this. The only thing he “did” to keep it tamped down was to be a white Republican president. The wingnuts I know brush off his public statements about Islam being a religion of peace, etc. as something he had to say to appease liberals, not something he really meant. (No, I don’t know why they think he had to appease them on this particular issue when he was perfectly content to rub their noses in their own cowardice and uselessness otherwise, but that’s what they tell me.) They kept a lid on it themselves because they trusted the white, Republican, Christian cowboy to keep them safe. Once he was gone, the reactionary id came sproinging out like a paranoid, racist jack-in-the-box.