“I cannot live without books.”
– Thomas Jefferson
Despite having recently resolved to no longer recognize such cultural constructs as the heliocentric “calendar”, “linear time”, European “numerals” and the Hindu-Arabic “numeration system”, or “denial of impending middle age”, it nonetheless came to pass that sometime over the last week or so, I successfully completed yet another 365¼-day course of maintaining an uninterrupted heartbeat while managing to draw breath at more or less consistent intervals, a feat which our culture deems worthy of celebration and reward. That, in addition to a recent trip to the Green Valley Book Fair, has directly led to the accumulation of goods you see above. That is the current “To Read” stack, possibly a Sisyphean task, but one I accept with cheerful aplomb.
“Book addict.” “No-life-having loser.” “NERRRRRD!” These and other terms are sometimes thoughtlessly bandied about in response to such treasure hoards. But I look at it differently: this gives me something to live for when times get rough!
And in addition to the Socrates book I mentioned recently, I see another addition to the stack coming next spring. Bring it on, I say, bring it on.