Inside every Swedish-Australian supervillain is an American trying to get out, apparently:

“I disagree with what he did. I think it’s un-American,” said McCain, acknowledging that Assange is not an American. (She went on, however, to characterize Assange inaccurately as a “creepy rogue Swedish guy”– Assange is from Australia but had applied for and was denied residency in Sweden, where he was accused of sexually assaulting two women.) “He looks like a James Bond villain. He harbors a lot of ill will toward America. To me he’s a villain.”

A creepy rogue Swedish guy! She’s brilliant, isn’t she? (I wonder if she has this map on her wall?)
I totally love the blithe assumption that people who are not American citizens, people whose, uh, rational self-interest (which I thought conservatives approved of) might lead them to stand for ideas and policies that do not necessarily dovetail with ours, are nonetheless obligated to take orders from us or be accused of un-American activities. Isn’t there some special House committee we could haul him in front of?