I swear by the shit-encrusted Birkenstocks of Christ, how many fucking hostages do I have to take to get the idiots of the progressive blogosphere (but I repeat myself) to drop their “all Palin, all the time” fixation? With only limited time online yesterday, I skimmed through the usual sites, and I must have seen five or six in a row all talking about whatever stupid thing she and her offspring said or did this time. Look, morons — she’s not going to hold office again. If she even bothers running for president, it’ll be purely to boost her Q score, get more eyeballs on whatever reality show she’s on at that time, or move more copies of her latest pop-up/coloring book. Otherwise, she’s perfectly content to keep milking her Oprah-meets-Larry the Cable Guy shtick for as long as people are willing to, ahem, pay attention to it. So by all means, keep doing your part. Yes, yes, she says lots of stupid things! And other idiots like to hoot and holler and clap when she does it! (And yet more idiots like to gawk and rubberneck at the whole spectacle!) How is this still fascinating to anyone?

Aren’t these the same people who complain endlessly about the vapidity of cable news and the endless trivialities it focuses on?