Cable reveals US behind airstrike that killed 21 children in Yemen

Just something to keep in mind as you hear all the usual caterwauling about how Julian Assange is the one putting “countless lives at risk” by exposing such lies.
One of the most curious things is seeing gossip blogs like Gawker and Wonkette mock Assange for his “martyrdom complex”, or for “masturbating to the thought of getting assassinated”. You know, I’m not au courant with the official standards for this sort of thing, and I don’t expect much profound analysis from bloggers who devote their time to scrutinizing Bristol Palin’s dance career and the sex life of Christine O’Donnell, but I’m pretty sure that having opinion shapers and high-ranking officials in the government of the world’s leading rogue state call openly for your arrest and/or literal assassination earns you the right to just a bit of dramatic license, if needed.