Hello, what’s this? A link to a post on “techno-spirituality”? Well, that sounds potentially interesting — does it have something to do with online cults? Kurzweil-style babbling about “spiritual machines” and immortality through science? Modern-day whirling dervishes who dance themselves into mystical ecstasy to the accompaniment of programmed beats and synthesizers? Aw, it’s just a guide to taking five minutes out of the day to practice breathing.

Spirituality — that ability to stay calm, focused and compassionate in a constant sea of change — is therefore more important than ever.

I don’t know about you, but I just call that “maturity”. Taking deep, controlled breaths to deal with stress only seems to require common sense. It just struck me funny that the term is so debased that it apparently can refer to everything from vague metaphysical beliefs and the achievement of a mystical union with the Ground of All Being to the simple act of not coming completely unglued under pressure at work.