To revisit an earlier point: Few things provide an undesirable comic effect in an otherwise serious post like the odd practice of refusing to type out FUCK or SHIT in their entirety. Unless you’re concerned that a four year-old might be reading your blog, why bother replacing letters with punctuation marks? We’ve all known these words since we were six years old, haven’t we? (Although, one instance I saw of replacing the U with a V gave FVCK an interesting Roman flavor. Still, when discussing topics like violence and anger, you might want to carefully consider whether you’re trying to make your reader laugh.)

The thoughts and feelings symbolized by the word are what matter, and if those are offensive to you, then I suppose you shouldn’t allow yourself to even think about them. The word itself possesses no inherent magic power. Spelling it out or saying it aloud will not conjure demons, I promise. We know what you mean. You know what you mean. Just fucking spell it out already. Like Louis C.K. said, you’re putting the word in my head, making me say it to myself. You should be the one to say what you mean! Take responsibility for it!