So I click on the Huffington Post – which probably means I have no right to complain in any event; caveat lector and all that – and I’m greeted with a gigantic headline: Military Panel Backs Women in Combat (on a post tagged “women’s rights”).

“Women in the military are exposed to the same kind of dangers that combat service exposes a soldier to, but the difference is that the women are not getting combat pay, and they’re not getting combat-related opportunities for promotion,” NOW President Terry O’Neill said in an interview with The Huffington Post. “So it’s only fair to recognize that women belong, as much as men do, in combat units.”
In 2005, the Washington Post interviewed dozens of U.S. soldiers serving in Iraq — men and women of various ranks — about the exclusion of women from combat, and they “voiced frustration over restrictions on women mandated in Washington that they say make no sense in the war they are fighting. All said the policy should be changed to allow, at a minimum, mixed-sex support units to be assigned to combat battalions. Many favored a far more radical step: letting qualified women join the infantry.”
I don’t have much to say that I haven’t already said about the same topic as it relates to gays, atheists, the big-boned, the developmentally challenged, the sight-deprived, the assisted-living community, the recently paroled, the Amish, the homeless, the children not tall enough to ride this roller coaster, bestiality enthusiasts and everyone else our equal-rights fetishists would dearly love to dress up in combat gear for the glory of America. Just this: I submit to you that no one belongs in a combat unit. That the Iraq war itself is what made no sense. And that the most radical step of all would be for people to reject the imperial mindset that leads them to look at a world-straddling, resource-devouring, death-dealing colossus and see, first and foremost, a great opportunity for civil rights and career advancement.