Jane Briggs-Bunting:

Physician-assisted suicide’s most prominent advocate died, in a hospital where he was being treated, of natural causes. Curious that… But I have to wonder as he neared his own death why he did not choose suicide.

I just chose this particular example for its concision, but I’ve seen this same achingly predictable reaction all over the place in the last several days. Dear Internet, you do understand the important distinction between a legal right as opposed to a moral obligation, a solemn promise, or a blood oath, yes? Was Kevorkian on record saying that he definitely, assuredly, absolutely would commit suicide at some point, make no mistake about it? I don’t know and I don’t care, but that at least would justify this being a “curious” event. And even then, all we’d need to conclude is that he changed his mind. I know, crazy, right?