Footsteps, sweat, caffeine, memories, stress, even sex and dating habits – it can all be calculated and scored like a baseball batting average. And if there isn’t already an app or a device for tracking it, one will probably appear in the next few years.
Brittany Bohnet, who was converted into a self-quantifier while working at Google, says she expects these gadgets will follow us in all aspects of our lives – even the most private. “Eventually we’ll get to a point where we use the restroom and we’ll get a meter that tells us, ‘You’re deficient in vitamin B,’” she says. “That will be the end goal, where we understand exactly what our bodies need.”
Socrates, Socrates; what do you have to say now, old chum? How about the overexamined life? Is that worth living?
I’m hoping that all this sustained narcissistic attention acts much like a magnifying glass and burns a hole in the very fabric of space/time through which our world can tumble, but that’s probably just me.