Yeah, so I remembered seeing this earlier this month, but I was too busy to comment on it at the time:

Last night, Jon Stewart waded into the ongoing atheists vs. “9/11 Cross” debate brought on by a lawsuit by the American Atheists alleging that a cross-like beam that will be memorialized at Ground Zero doesn’t give equal representation to all faiths. The Daily Show host would have none of the atheists argument: “why do you give a s**t?” he quipped. He then added little more nuance to the sentiment: “It was found at Ground Zero, it has come to mean something to people who view it as a symbol of comfort. If it really bothers you why not just think of it as a metal T-shaped thingie?”

Well, what the fuck, you know. Constantine saw a flaming cross in the sky before the Battle of the Milvian Bridge all those centuries ago and dutifully conquered in that sign. We might as well plunk a cross down in memory of two big buildings too. Architecture, Jesus, and homicidal lunatics; they just seem to be inseparable.

Now then, I’m more atheist than all y’all, and I really don’t care about this particular issue either. I daresay I don’t want to be equally represented in a memorial to an event that will primarily be remembered as the trigger that sent us on a decade-long-and-going-strong global mass murder spree. Hell, if, as a subversive atheist, I wanted to put Myrrhkah’s infamous tartuffery on even more prominent display to further discredit Christianity, I’d be all for this.

But let’s take a moment here, shall we? In the wreckage of a couple skyscrapers, they found a piece of metal that just so happened to be in the form of a cross? OMG WHAT ARE THE ODDS? Clearly, as we all should have learned in geometry class, if two perpendicular steel beams intersect, therefore Jesus therefore freedom therefore war woohoo fuck yeah. Honestly, anyone who’s enough of a simpleton to be comforted by a random piece of twisted metal needs to be taken out back where George can soothingly tell them about the rabbits again, if you know what I mean.

A Celtic cross; now, that would have been impressive. But then the Druids would become insufferable assholes, I guess.