Christina Barmon:

Not only do people think that it is girly (yuck!) to sit down and pee, they also think that it is natural that men stand. However, this is learned behavior. While peeing is biological, where and how we pee are cultural and imbued with meaning.
Whether you sit or stand depends on where you are in the world. I have personally witnessed women standing to pee in Ghana, and they did not make the mess that I, without any practice, would make.
Ignoring the fact that some women in other areas of the world stand to pee, many westerners claim–because they assume we are more civilized–that men evolved to stand while women evolved to sit. They think it is natural.
I’ve always been amused by the proxy battlefields men use in the neverending war against their own fear of being thought of as feminine, especially the idea that sitting down to piss is un-manly. This sort of thing is why I wear an earring in my left ear, lipstick on my top lip, mascara on my right eye, nail polish on both thumbs and index fingers, and I sit down to piss at the urinals in the men’s room. Blows their minds!