Despite my best efforts, I have yet to drive off my most dedicated readers, my longtime blog-companions. So at this festive time of year, I feel I should probably reward their stubbornness and masochism with stuff that they might actually enjoy reading and commenting on, as opposed to my usual hobbyhorses.

So for Noel, here’s an article on the usefulness of hallucinogens in treating various mental illnesses. For research purposes only. Not that he would know anything about that himself, persistent, scandalous rumors to the contrary.
For Brian, here’s an article about how cyclists are a bunch of rich elitist snobs who should all be steamrolled.
And for Shanna, here’s something about some plucky Canadian musicians taking the Billboard charts by storm. Canada has its own rock bands? Aww, that’s so adorable!
Discuss, pontificate, fight, do as the spirit moves you.