Shannon Gilreath:

But having gotten to where we are—to a place at which the law no longer bars Gays’ entry into the armed services, the question of whether Gays should serve stands out in bold relief. This is, at bottom, a question of priorities. The modern “gay rights” movement, at least since the 1970s when the Gay Activists Alliance split from the Gay Liberation Front, has been governed by a politics that values only that which is paradigmatically straight and, accordingly, has striven mightily to get Gays into the two institutions through which most of the world’s violence is accomplished—the state sanctioned home and the military—without much critical analysis of how participation in these institutions actually affects Gay people.

Yup. I recently read an interview with David Graeber where he said that the only plausible scenario where a genuine revolution can occur is when the forces of order refuse to shoot. A preliminary to that would be for more people to refuse to join the forces of order and pick up a gun in the first place.