Razib Khan:

The fact that Ahmed could write something as unhinged from reality as the concluding paragraph to his Salon piece tells us more about his own educational-cultural milieu than it does about the literature and the authors of the literature in question itself. The real pre-modern period was soaked in xenophobia and racism.
…It’s a fact that a lot of fantasy fiction assumes the existence of supernatural agents, of gods. Many of the protagonists are depicted as pious and godly, as if these are good things, rather than mental delusions. As an atheist who rejects the supernatural I wonder why there are no atheist viewpoint characters, or worlds where there isn’t a reference to supernatural agents and activities?
If I did wonder these things I’d be a narcissistic fool.
Ahahaha. I saw that “Is Game of Thrones too pale?” article and rolled my eyes, just like I did over the other one about what sort of parenting lessons you can draw from the series (no, seriously). Sites like Salon, Slate and the like publish some worthwhile stuff, but ye gads, to get to it, you have to wade through so much jejune treacle about life lessons, obsession with superficial racial/sexual diversity, and whatever other garbage that appeals to the typical milquetoast multiculti progressive helicopter parents who make absolutely everything about them.