Ross Douthat:

Now, there are defenses one can make of such a world. Maybe widespread abortion is necessary for female advancement. Maybe it isn’t a big deal if Europeans aren’t having enough children to replace themselves. Maybe children don’t need a mother and a father; maybe marriage itself is an outdated institution. Maybe the human embryo is no different, morally and commercially, from a fingernail clipping or skin-cell sample.

But these aren’t arguments that serious Christians can accept. A society that does not have enough children to even reproduce itself is not a Christian society. A culture that kills 40 percent of the offspring it conceives in utero (that would be the abortion rate in New York City, where Planned Parenthood’s influence over public policy is ever-so-slightly larger than the Vatican’s) is not a Christian culture. A culture that practices a kind of de facto polygamy, with men fathering children with many different women—the state of affairs in underclass America, and increasingly in working-class America as well—is not a Christian culture.

Oh, well, good, glad we agree on this! All right, then, I guess, uh, feel free to fuck directly off to a monastery whenever it suits you and await the Parousia. Should be any day now, I’m sure.