I don’t mean to keep picking on PZ lately, but man, he just keeps serving ’em up:

This is why, even when we’re saddled with a moderate conservative jerk for a president, I have to hold my nose in November and pull the lever for the asshole with a (D) after his name. I don’t like him, I think he betrays our values at every turn, but I like the people of the Democratic party far more than I do the people of the Republican party. I’m not going to vote for Obama, ever; I’m going to vote for that guy at the Minnesota caucus who suggested that we cut the defense budget in half and spend the money on universal health care instead, and I’m going to vote against the guy in the Texas caucuses who thinks our most pressing concern is preventing gay couples from having a happy life.

By this impeccable logic, the Pope and the rest of the Vatican leadership are irrelevant, because many lay Catholics are wonderful people, and there are some selfless nuns devoting their lives to progressive principles, so we might as well all convert to Catholicism in solidarity with them because, hey, the Islamists are even worse, and whaddayagonnado, waste your support on some tiny little atheist group that doesn’t have a chance in hell of influencing policy? The line forms behind the professor. No pushing, please.