Ah, finally, the end of the most hellish time of year. The mornings are turning delightfully chilly, and Freddie deBoer is back from his summer hiatus:

Is your job essential, Jake? Does the world really need articles like “A Better Way to Prepare a Mint Julep” and “Why It’s Feminist to Call Your Mom a Cunt” and “Maybe Mitt Romney is Actually the Blacker Candidate” and shitty TV recaps by twee undersexed Wire-quoting pencil-dicked mawkish “post-political” Harvard-philosophy-major careerist grinders whose sole concerns are playing grabass with underage interns and worrying about whether anybody important will tweet their shitty piece comparing Sons of Anarchy to late period Walter Benjamin? Would we all suffer without those things? I mean Jesus, I think Troy Patterson can come up with yet another article proclaiming what an advanced sophisticate he is without the late night Gchat mutual fellatio sessions. We will find a way to survive without another article about how black is actually white and how the Monkees were secretly better than the Beatles and how it’s actually pleasurable to pour scalding hot coffee on your balls and also too innovative innovators innovating innovatively. Your painfully unfunny sports podcasts and senior semiotics seminar paper-like hamhanded movie reviews would probably limp their wretched ways onto the Internet without you.

Now, this here is some fine ranting. There’s lots of interesting topics to present and articles to read on any given day, and a lot of writers who manage to eke out a fortuitous combination of the two every once in a while, but there’s very few writers whose talent and forceful perspective can pull almost any topic into their orbit and make it interesting regardless. For me, Freddie’s one of them.