The ongoing discussion from a recent post made me think of this scene:

Stringer Bell: Doin’ good out there, D.

D’Angelo Barksdale: We’ll be doin’ even better when we get that new package.

Stringer: *scoffs* New package same as the old, man.

D’Angelo: Say what?

Stringer: Ain’t no new package. We’re just gonna put that same shit out with a different color gelcap, is all. We might spike that shit with some procaine, or some caffeine, but otherwise it’s the same.

D’Angelo: String, man… people already comin’ back on us, tellin’ us that shit is weak.

Stringer: I know, shit is weak, but, you know, shit is weak all over. The thing is: no matter what we call heroin, it’s gonna get sold. Shit is strong, we gonna sell it. Shit is weak, we gonna sell twice as much. You know why? Because a fiend is gonna chase that shit no matter what. It’s crazy. We do worse, and we get paid more.