But the test of anyone’s life is his whole life. Not just the darkest, most terrible things in it but what he does with himself afterward. Who he molds himself to be from those things he’s done, and whether or not he can reach into himself and be a force for change — not in spite of his crimes but because of them. Because when he speaks of evil, he speaks with authority. And because, as the terms of his parole surely understood, the only way to know whether a man has reformed is to give him the opportunity to prove it.

Wow. I’ve always thought Mary Liz was one of the most airheaded hacks on the Internet, but I’ve gotta say, it takes guts to defend Jerry Sandusky like that and demand that he be released from prison and given the chance to supervise an after-school sports program.

Ha, just kidding, of course. She’s talking about Michael Vick, again. Because dogs are just inanimate props in what’s truly important here: the story of one functionally-retarded athlete’s struggle for redemption in a cold world that merely offers him fame and immense wealth to fill the gap in his soul that was formerly occupied by thinking up creative ways to maim and kill dogs for his entertainment. Because tell me, what kind of monsters would we be if we were willing to dismiss the inherent worth of a walking colostomy bag of genetic material whose only socially-approved talent is throwing a football with reasonable accuracy? I mean, if we’re not going to allow him the chance to indulge his true calling in an arena worthy of his ability, that is.

Besides, if he breaks this dog, then Mary will absolutely, positively, no-backsies give him a stern lecture and a disapproving shake of the head. Several dozen dogs seized by the authorities and who knows how many killed is understandable, but one more, well, that would just try the limits of her Christian patience, mister!