Apparently the ranty professor hasn’t heard it said that “no publicity is bad publicity”:

But then the hyperskeptics kicked into action. I got dunned with people claiming that the slymepit really wasn’t that bad, how dare I damn them with this accusation, I should research the place before making such accusations (never mind that I’ve had past experience with it, that I see its denizens commenting all over FtB, and that it’s fucking called the fucking Slymepit).

…Oh, well. I am vindicated, and next time some blinkered asshole tells me to hyperskeptically examine my well-founded assumptions about the slymepitters, I’m just going to direct them to this post, because I’m not going to read that vile collection of misogynistic scum again, no matter how hard they try to guilt me into it.

As I hope I’ve made abundantly clear by now, I hate groups of people. By definition. With rare exceptions. Any group of, say, more than four or five people, unless they happen to be a rock band. But as I said the other day when making fun of the increasingly-ridiculous Adam Lee (who, not to be outdone, recently called the Slymepit a “hate site”), I’ve read the blogs at FTB and the A+ forums and been repulsed by the tendentious politics and the group dynamics among the commentariat. I also went and read several dozen pages at the Slymepit to see for myself what all the vitriol was about, only to conclude that reports of their infamy were greatly exaggerated. If anything, they seem more possessing of the anarchic spirit of irreverent mockery that certain atheists used to be known for until they started believing their own press about how they’re going to change the world. I’m not sure giving them free advertising is going to have quite the effect he thinks it will.