BPS Research Digest:

Your personality is revealed in the way you speak, according to new research. Introverts tend to use more concrete words and are more precise, in contrast to extraverts, whose words are more abstract and vague.

…The differences make sense in terms of what we know about social behaviour and the introvert-extravert personality dimension, with the introverted linguistic style being more cautious, and the extravert style being more casual and vague.

My first-grade teacher told my parents that she wished I’d participate in class more often, but that I refused to be drawn into guessing on unfamiliar questions. I either knew the answer or I didn’t. If I didn’t know it, I didn’t want to waste time illustrating that fact. Time’s a-wasting, you fuckers, tell me what I need to know and let’s get on with the efficient accumulation of facts!

Of course, in my maturity, I’ve realized there’s a place for vague, impressionistic thinking. We call that “poetry”.