Joy provides emotional closure, which we never got after 9/11 and the distraction in Iraq. Maybe this joy at Osama Bin Laden’s death can provide that for us. And maybe then we can finally have politicians say that we won, and so we can finally shut down the illegal prisons, the ongoing war, and maybe even the ridiculous security theater at airports. But if we scold and silence the joy away, we’ll never get a chance to find out.

That was AmandaPanda almost two years ago, urging us to be reborn in the cleansing blood of another Middle Eastern apocalyptic lunatic, and needless to say, all her predictions came true despite the best nonexistent efforts of the scolds and killjoys, because if they hadn’t, we’d have to conclude that she’s still as much of an idiot as she’s ever been, and we can’t have that, now, obviously.

Now, I had vaguely resolved this year to stop wasting time reading empty-calorie sites like Salon, Slate, the Atlantic Wire, FfTB, etc., but I was tricked by Jacob into clicking on her latest column, unable to resist finding out who the hell could be so goddamned dumb as to write this:

Hopefully the greater inclusion of women into the military will help us all see that violence and war is learned behavior—it’s not inevitable. Women entering combat roles isn’t feminism acquiescing to male values, and women don’t have a unique duty to overturn the glorification of violence and power that leads to war.

Ahahahaha. “Hey… why did they let so many of us in?