Eric Boehlert:

Twitter could have helped puncture the Beltway media bubble by providing news consumers with direct access to confront journalists during the run-up to the war. And the pass-around nature of Twitter could have rescued forgotten or buried news stories and commentaries that ran against the let’s-go-to-war narrative that engulfed so much of the mainstream press.

Considering the central role the lapdog media played in helping to sell President Bush’s pre-emptive invasion, I wonder if Twitter could have stopped the Iraq War.

Granted, I don’t really read political blogs anymore, but I still suspect that if, say, Obama had been shamed by the Twittards into relinquishing his unilateral authority to use flying death robots to destroy anyone he considers a terrorist at any time for any reason, I would have heard something about it through the grapevine by now. When you add in any of the other imperial adventures we’ve engaged in since 2009, unhindered by outraged citizen journalists, I feel that one rhetorical question deserves another: I wonder if Boehlert really is as fucking stupid as he sounds.