Pamela Haag:

Pew and other opinion research in the 21st century show that both young men and women have waning enthusiasm for “becoming wealthy,” or for taking on more hours and more responsibility at work, or for climbing a corporate ladder. Men have lost that enthusiasm more dramatically than women, according to a study out of Radcliffe.

Instead, they want a “small plate” life: They want some meaningful work, a comfortable living, some time to raise their children, ample leisure time, and perhaps a chance to move laterally, not up, and change careers once in a while.

It’s almost as if feminism allowed women to become more ambitious at work, and for men to become less so, and more interested in non-breadwinner roles, and now the two of them have met in the middle, and are arriving, perhaps, at a new, unisex idea of The Good Life vis a vis career.

Preach it, sister. I’d be fine with being a house husband, a kept man. I’ll contribute my fair share and spend my time cultivating my writing like a bonsai tree made of words.