Devindra Hardawar:

You can think of Wizpert as an IT help desk for life. The company recruits knowledgeable bloggers, which it calls “Wizperts,” across topics like exercise, health/wellness, and parenting. Advice seekers can connect to Wizperts via their blogs or the service’s website, and most importantly, they can begin a conservation within seconds…Wizpert is a win-win for experts and advice-seekers alike. Bloggers will be able to monetize by offering advice in their free time (Wizpert takes a 25 percent cut), and consumers will be able to instantly get the help they need from approved experts.

Well, I’m not sure about knowledgeable, because they actually sent me an invitation to join. I declined, of course — it wrenches my conscience enough as it is to inflict my thoughts on you all for free; I can’t imagine charging anyone money for the privilege. My girlfriend said this could be the big break I need toward my dream of becoming a cult leader, but I guess I have to face up to the fact that I just don’t have enough ambition for that after all.