Maria Bustillos:

Kickstarter is a private entity, and can police its use however it likes. No one has a “right” to Kickstarter. Out in the real world, however, we know that the rights to publish and speak are ten thousand times more important than the overheated rantings of some fool who can’t read. As PUA guides go, Hoinsky’s is very, very far from being the most aggressive or objectifying. It is an entirely harmless book—as all books are. In fact I found Hoinsky’s Reddit guide to be full of interesting and valuable observations. There isn’t a misogynist syllable in the whole thing. But even if it were as bad as the worst excesses of Frank T.J. Mackey, it is wrong and dangerous to suggest that shutting someone up is the best answer to any problem, ever.

Yeah, I think I heard something about that. Wasn’t there some fatuous, conclusion-jumping blowhard manufacturing drama about it recently? Ah, right, that’s the one. Well, surely, once he had time to calm down and look into it more carefully, he acknowledged letting confirmation bias and ideology get the better of him, yes? Oh.

Skepticism, honey, I know the divorce couldn’t have been pleasant, but you did the best you could. There’s no reason you should have had to put up with his repeated infidelity, and we’re all just glad you got away before he dragged you down into the gutter with him.