Alyson Shantell:

Traditional media outlets will still be around to sort out the noise and rumors on Twitter, analyze it and turn it into stories. But no one can beat Twitter for breaking coverage, the fast transfer of thought, and an endless supply of original content that’s easy to consume on the go. Twitter will be – and already is – the only way for us all to stay relevant.

Relevant! You know, I admit it. I clicked on the link to an article entitled “Why You Should Care About Twitter,” because, well, I figured such directness deserved the benefit of the doubt. The title implies that the author is fully aware that many (most) people do not care about it, and thus, one might expect to hear a strong case presented, one that incorporates all the usual criticism and offers a rebuttal. Instead, we get the above excerpt as a conclusion, confirming that, yes, the social web is every bit the vapid fashion catwalk you thought it was. Marketing, branding and spotlight-seeking for its own sake. Anything more than five seconds old or written above a sixth-grade reading level risks irrelevance. Jesus Aitch.