Glenn Greenwald during a Reddit AMA:

Do you ever worry about your safety?

All good journalism entails risk, by definition, because all good journalism makes someone powerful angry. It’s important to be rationally aware of those risks and take reasonable precautions, but not fixate on them or, under any circumstances, allow them to deter you in doing what you think should be done. Fearlessness can be its own form of power.

Tsk, tsk. Listen to Glenn mansplaining to victims of harassment how they should feel, invalidating their lived experience, and flaunting his white male privilege of being considered a threat to the other white males who run the world’s governments and spy agencies. If the Internet has taught me anything over the last couple years, it’s that being mocked or insulted on Twitter is the equivalent of long-distance rape, and the only appropriate response is to curl up like a poor, persecuted little pill bug and bawl your eyes out. Sure, his activist journalism may have made enemies of some of the most powerful interests on Earth who have killed for much less, but has he known the wrenching agony of seeing his face Photoshopped onto some offensive artwork?