The news for Americans, especially Independents, lacks meaning, direction, ideology– and they miss it, just like economically, they’ve been left behind.  Now the news is artificial drama,  just local crime stories blown up nationally, a natural disaster, the occasional Youtube video– where’s the Change, where are the upheavals, where are the riot police?  We don’t have political riots here, we have high end sit ins near the Broadway Starbucks, and occasionally 20 motorcycles will attack a minivan.  “Is ‘motorcycle’ code?”  That’s where we are right now, this is what the media has trained you for, detecting racism or hypocrisy or some other character flaw in the speaker as a proxy for the complexities of the issues so you don’t have to think.  It is under these conditions that you expect John Boehner to “compromise” on something you don’t at all understand, and scream for his beheading if he doesn’t, all to the thrill of the media.  “See!  TLP is a right wing zealot!”  See, you’re stupid.  And boy oh boy do I have the news network for you.