In all these years, how is it that none of you ever informed me of the Public Domain Review? Well, luckily for you, I’m not so selfish, and so here I am giving it my heartiest recommendation, urging you to spend some time checking it out. The articles are immediately interesting, yet still novel; intelligent, but not overly esoteric. I barely knew what to click on first, it’s such a smorgasbord of delights. Seriously, I just kept scrolling up and down the page, paralyzed for choice.

Speaking of such websites, I recently signed up as a subscriber for a mere five bucks a month to the always-excellent 3 Quarks Daily, which joins The Browser ($12/year) among sites I’m willing to support financially. Allow me to suggest that you consider doing the same if you’re able, but if not, you should still read them regardless. And if you know of any other sites along the same lines as these, do let me know.