Who says a leopard can’t change its spots? Peezus has finally renounced his flirtation with illiberal ideology and realized that scurrilous, politically-motivated, evidence-free accusations of criminal activity are beyond the pale:

I just got back from the campus police, where I was read my Miranda rights and recorded giving a statement, because the Geiger cranks have apparently made a formal complaint, accusing me of stealing their rags and adding a new charge, that I’d vandalized the latest edition, scribbling an “str” on the cover to change “right-to-life” to “right-to-strife”. So I also had to leave a handwriting sample.

It’s gone well past ridiculous. Singling me out as a scapegoat (I am not alone in my contempt for their awful paper), making baseless criminal accusations, wasting the time of the university police and lawyers…this is now in the territory of harassment.

I’m kidding, of course. You didn’t seriously fall for that, did you? No, he’s only angry because he’s on the receiving end this time. I wonder, though, if this episode will at least temper his adolescent scorn for the justice system and instill a new respect for legal standards of evidence. Ha! Man, I’m a jokester tonight! No, I’ll bet you a shiny quarter that when he gets off (generously assuming he isn’t actually guilty; he is on record advocating that people throw copies of that paper in the trash), he’ll credit his white male privilege and go right back to business as usual.