The twitosphere, pretty much. We’re all implicated. I tend to occupy the fourth and fifth word-balloons myself. Maybe I’ll achieve that final level of meta soon!

There are many worse ways to spend your time than browsing his archives.

Speaking of animals and surreality, today I passed a Volvo on the highway. The dude had a pet monkey sitting on his dashboard. I think it was a capuchin, but I can’t be sure. It came over to the driver’s side and stared at me as I passed, and I watched it in the rearview mirror just scampering back and forth along the dash. Now, I don’t know about you, but any passenger in my car possessed of opposable thumbs, let alone a prehensile tail, must be capable of being reasoned with. That’s simply a non-negotiable. Otherwise, you’re riding in a cage, and that is that.