He’s talking about this sorry spectacle, the link to which he has already prohibited anyone from posting in his comments. Don’t worry, he’ll tell you everything you need to know about it. No need for you to bother seeing for yourself, since— hmm? I’m sorry, Mo, did you have something you wanted to say about Peezus’s newfound respect for privacy and the workings of the legal system?


Of all the many things that make Peezus such a contemptible sack of fetid sewage, his gleeful participation in the toxic “callout culture” so beloved of social justice warriors would have to be somewhere near the top of my list. You see, there’s a strain of radical thinking popular among his crowd which sees the legal system itself as a construct of the patriarchy, where the standards of evidence required for justice to be done in cases of sexual assault, harassment and rape are so onerous, so heavily weighted against the female victims, that there’s no point in reporting assaults to the authorities. Their only recourse is to air their accusations via social media. Granted, one can easily conjure up a sympathetic scenario in which a genuine victim, shafted by an impersonal system, gets a little bit of deserved payback this way. Of course, if one is not a fanatical ideologue, one can also easily imagine a bunch of unbalanced, vindictive liars taking advantage of anonymity to publicly trash someone’s reputation, trusting that most neutral observers will see smoke and assume fire. First, do no harm — the remedy to injustice is not to create a different type of injustice. There is no abstract, cosmic scoreboard in which all these injustices somehow cancel each other out. The fact that, if looked at from a particular perspective, “women” may have historically fared worse than “men” does not justify creating injustice for an individual man on behalf of an individual woman. People who try to sell you such ends-justify-the-means logic are not to be trusted.

Peezus himself famously used his blog last summer to accuse someone of rape, based on what a friend of a friend claimed to have happened several years ago. The only reason he’s singing a different tune in this instance is because he’s long since publicly committed himself to backing his tribal ally, and now, having seen the evidence for the other side displayed in public, he doesn’t have the integrity or the bravery to admit that he might have jumped to conclusions for political reasons, that he might be wrong. Thus lack of thinking makes a coward of him after all.