More than a decade ago, Tom Tomorrow said something worth dusting off and repeating:

I have seen it suggested that the advantage of the blogs is their immediacy, but I would also posit that it is their Achilles Heel. The first time I heard of the Instapundit site, I actually thought it was a joke. Instant punditry? Surely, I thought, this must be some sort of sly meta-commentary on the tendency of pundits to instantly, and by implication thoughtlessly, formulate opinions before they’ve had a chance to really mull things over, do some research, consider the implications. But no — it’s a serious self-designation, trumpeting what the author apparently considers the strength of the blogs — the ability to draw conclusions even more quickly than normal pundits.

And so, before the bodies had even cooled in the latest mass shooting, representatives of various monomaniacal obsessions had quickly moved in to claim the victims as martyrs to their respective causes. Same as it ever was. As for me, I will just offer two tangential observations:

• The NRA must hardly believe their good fortune that some other “—RA” group is taking most of the heat for this one. Only one letter apart in the alphabet, but oh, what a difference it makes!

• Irony delights me, but I still find it amazing that the same people who will use a snarky #NotAllMen or #YesAllWomen have no problem turning around and essentially claiming that #NotAllMentallyIll people are dangerous and violent. Well, no, but