Wolfsburg – VfL Wolfsburg breathed new life into the title race with a thrilling 4-1 win over Bundesliga leaders FC Bayern München at the Volkswagen Arena.

Wolfsburg is my co-favorite German club (along with Borussia Mönchengladbach). (For those of you following along at home, Fiorentina is my Italian club, and Valencia is my Spanish club.) This was a gloriously sweet game to watch. Even more so, given the ever-arrogant Thomas Müller’s recent remarks that facing Bayern’s reserve squad in training was more of a challenge than that posed by most other teams in the Bundesliga. Speaking of Müller, he was substituted early in the second half, having done nothing more impressive than helping to give the ball away for Wolfsburg’s first goal, and later blocking two clearances with his ugly mug (probably not the first time he’s had two balls bouncing hard off his face, hey-yoooo!)

I am pleased. If the Wolves manage to make a proper title race out of it, I will be over the moon.