Gracy Olmstead:

Because if my Facebook friends’ statements were any indication, Trump should have suffered a serious blow on Tuesday night. Yet as results poured in, he continued to stand as the frontrunner. So something—whether it was algorithms or friend circles, indignation or stubbornness—prevented my friends from reaching the voters they meant to reach. Based on the results of Super Tuesday, the voters #NeverTrump posts were meant to reach were either offended by them and voted for him anyway, or didn’t see them much or at all.

Ah, life in a social media gated community. You know what I really need? Imagine someone in a cheesy horror movie making the sign of the cross with their fingers to ward off a vampire. Now, instead of a cross, what I need is a picture of some helpless, terrified victim, cowering before an evil silhouette, making a sign of the hashtag as a feeble last resort. I could have saved all this typing if only that picture had already existed.