Oh, yeah, just so you know, if I’m not around as much for the next month or so, I’m busy. Today, f’rinstance, I just wanted to enjoy the Spain-Czech Republic game without encountering my longtime nemesis, Commentators Whose Pattern-Seeking Software Has Gone Haywire. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

Alejandro Moreno: If you’re a Spanish national team fan, you may want to turn away right now and not listen to this.

Max Bretos: *Giggles*

AM: Spain — this is fact —

MB: A great tease, by the way! You have my undivided attention!

AM: Spain has never won on June thirteenth. Never. Five matches. One draw —

MB: Start the bus, everybody!

AM: Four losses, including the catastrophe and the disaster against the Netherlands in the World Cup.

MB: And this is — it’s just a date, but then you said, it’s a, it’s a big sample size of games, so suggests there’s something more to it.

AM: Just make of it what you will. Just giving you a fact.

A fact! Why, it’s practically a scientific certainty, I’d say! How’d that turn out? Oh. Even with that, uh, big sample size? Golly!

Anyway, once I pried my palm off my face, I promised the gods a year off the end of my lifespan if they would let Spain win. Well worth it.